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Saher Welfare Foundation


Project Name:Saher Welfare Foundation
Project Type:Website
Release Date:9th May 2010
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Saher Welfare Foundation

Saher Welfare Foundation is a registered charitable organization aiming at serving mankind. The services that the foundation has been rendering towards the health care are significant especially against the backdrop of limited resources. Being a charitable organization, it is providing monitory assistance, medicines and medical facility to cure blood diseases such as Thalessemia, Bleeding Disorder, Pure Red Cell Aplesia, Aplastic Anemia, Hemophilia etc.

Saher Welfare Foundation has discovered the treatment that insures complete cure through its research instead of life long management. Saher Welfare Foundation has become the ray of hope for the patients suffering from so called incurable diseases. Saher Welfare Foundation also extends financial assistance to the various, less fortunate sectors of the community.